The Untold Stories of Untrue Truths Anthology


The Untold Stories of UnTrue Truths is a horror comedy anthology that is an interdimensional study of human morality.

The following is a sampling synopsis for the five stories outlined for The Untold Stories of UnTrue Truths:

Nighty Night – Tonight is Dad’s night to watch his daughter including putting her to bed.  Enforcing bedtime is every fathers nightmare, because it is impossible to tell if the child is cranky tired or possessed by a demon.

Death Scheme- Tandiwe is a struggling telemarketer and sells her soul for success, however her customers become possessed and kill themselves with their new possessions.

Bloody Blind Date- Amechi is a horribly awkwardly shy guy who finds himself on a blind date with a vampire. The date is going so well, he is trying to ignore all of the people she is eating throughout the date.

Sergeant Girlfriend- Jon, an emotionally stunted middle-aged man must come to terms with his neglectful father when his father’s soul possesses his girlfriend’s body. 

Man’s Best Killer- Antoine’s dog is being hunted by a veterinarian preacher, after the cute little dog is possessed by a serial killer’s ghost.

Nighty Night Story

Clorena Myles
Phoenix Myles
Jon Myles

Produced by:
Ken Andrews
Jon Myles
Steve Scott