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Sketch Comedy

Etiam Media has had the honor to collaborate with the comedic powerhouse of Can't Tell Us Nothing Improv. 

Can't Tell Us Nothing has opinions and you're gonna hear them! Follow our characters down rabbit holes in our fast-paced comedy.

Psychic Barista Sketch - CTUNImprov takes you to a very special coffee shop where the barista knows way too much about you.

Expensive Heist - CTUNImprov takes you into the world of Unorganized Crime.

The Gang Learns Improv - Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia based sketch - CTUNImprov brings you the absurd world of Improv.

Antoine's Birthday Sketch - It is Antoine's birthday and we took a few minutes to celebrate on our break at Out of Bounds Festival in Austin.

Let Me Be Me - We participated in the 48 Hour film festival and found Dennis has called all of his friends together for his birthday to make a very special announcement. His friends don't agree with his lifestyle and try to convince him otherwise.

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"I Got Ya Back" is a documentary that follows the Houston's own all black improv team as they develop into a comedic power house that spans all races and generations.  The relatable characters take you on an enlightening ride in every show.  
Check out the show at  

Sketches Shorts and Docs: Text