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Ken Andrews

Founder - Director - Improvisor

Ken is the CEO of Etiam Media, a Houston based production company that develops and produces visual media. He has over fifteen years of experience in the industry. His clients include Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, and Christy’s among others. Ken started his career in Los Angeles working for Time Warner before moving to Houston.

The driving force behind Etiam Media, Ken’s philosophy is simple: innovate, improvise, improve. 

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Steve Scott

Partner - Talent Coordinator - Director - Producer

Steven is the President of Etiam Media, a Houston based production company that develops and produces visual media. His work on the hit family TV show, The Wannabes, has been viewed in more than 100 countries, and currently runs in syndication on Starz Kids and Family. A few of his TV and film credits include:  90210 (CBS),  Hollywood Heights (Nick at Nite),  Family Bum (Cartoon Network),  Real Steel (DreamWorks),  Witchcraft 13 (Netflix), and  The Way She Moves (VH1). Theatre includes:  Fences (Kennedy Center),  He-Man Basketball (Ensemble Theatre),  Parade (Hobby Center),  Jitney (Alley Theatre),  and You Can’t Take it With You (Alley Theatre) . Steven is currently the Head of Acting for The Industry Network in Los Angeles, California, and acting coach to young stars like Albert Tsai (Dr. Ken), Davis Cleveland (Shake it Up), and Austin Coleman (House).

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The Team: Bio

Foster Davis

Actor - Writer - Director - Teacher - Partner

Foster is the President of Etiam Media, a Houston based production company that develops and produces visual media. He has been a professional actor on stage and screen for over twenty five years. He recently appeared in Love and Southern Discomfort at The Ensemble Theatre and will soon debut at Stages in the sensational true story ROE by Lisa Loomer. His last movie Zombie With A Shotgun can be purchased on Amazon. (It’s a hot mess. I play a cop. Originally had just one scene, but they loved me so I ended up in like five. My first day on set nobody knew their lines, so everybody was improvising like crazy. I had two short lines in a long scene, so I was just standing there with no idea when to speak, in the hundred degree heat - it was August - Chinatown basement, doing my best to look intimidating take after take, gun drawn ready to shoot, when the lead actress decided fuck it let’s do something different and grabbed the gun I was pointing at her face. She was tiny compared to me so I couldn't help but smile and ..stop. Somebody yelled cut. She was apologetic. “Sorry! You were just so annoying with the gun in my face.” I laughed. “If I was really a cop I would have killed you.”) 

Foster is thrilled to be a Partner and now making movies at Etiam! 

One great story can change the world!! Let's make it together!

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